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Kuzco is very self-centered, thinking that everyone should be put below him, because he is "Emperor". Kuzco is forced by law to graduate from "Kuzco Academy," a school, that he paid for, in order to stay Emperor. Yzma and Kronk continually plot to make sure that Kuzco fails his class and he doesn't become Emperor. Kuzco's catch phrases are "No touchies!", "Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh!", "Boo-ya!", "Boom, baby, boom!", and "It's all about me!".

He is 18 years old. He has black long hair. His occupation is an Emperor and a student at Kuzco Academy. He wears Emperor clothing: a red and yellow robe and a yellow emperor crown. He also has aqua airings on his ears.

Kuzco is initially portrayed as a spoiled, selfish, cocky, rude, sarcastic teenager, albeit with a sense of flair and pizazz. It's implied that this personality stemmed from the fact that Yzma practically raised him from childhood.

Ultima roleEdit

Kuzco once been captured by Org's pirate with the rest of the Society until they been saved the Ultima and also Kuzco reluctantly helping the Ultima to get the Ultimacrystal from the hand of Yzma.

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