Kirby is a small, pink, spherical creature (occasionally described as a living pink marshmallow) with large red feet, stubby arms, and trademark pink cheek-blushes. His body is soft and flexible, allowing him to be flattened.

Kirby has a positive attitude, and helps to save Dream Land through the use of his unique powers. His age is never stated, although he is called a "little boy" , literally acts like a baby sometime, and is referred to as being a "pretty jolly guy", This, along with his high-pitched voice, suggests that Kirby is young.

Kirby is cheerful and innocent. He loves to eat, sleep, color, and play, especially during the day. His favorite food is tomatoes, since the Maxim Tomatoes in the games which fully restore his health (although in the anime, his favorite food appears to be watermelons). He is said to dislike caterpillars. His other hobbies include singing, although he is tone-deaf. He sometimes acts in an impulsive nature, such as when he accuses King Dedede of interfering with the Fountain of Dreams (also known as the Dream Spring), and then leaves to retrieve the pieces of the shattered Star Rod without even letting Dedede explain himself.

Ultima roleEdit

Kirby occasionaly helping Nick and other Society scout whenever he's around the area or possibly wondering around somehow.

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