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King Julien XIII is a conceited, fun-loving ring-tailed lemur, normally shortened to King Julien, is a fun loving, narcissistic ring-tailed lemur. The King of the Lemurs is a comically conceited character who has little regard for others, even his subjects. He has a tendency to use malapropisms and misinterpret figures of speech

Self-proclaimed lord of the lemurs, Julien ruled over a great colony of lemurs in Madagascar with charisma and certainly little ability to lead. His main skill lies in delegating; telling other people what they should do. Nevertheless, he shows remarkably more intelligence and calm compared to the other lemurs (aside from Maurice), which is shown when the very word "Fossa" drives all of them, except himself and Maurice, into a state of panic.

Julien had parties for his people on Madagascar with much frequency, the likes of which were interrupted constantly by the fossa, which trespassed onto the lemur villages, devouring all that they could catch

Ultima roleEdit

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