Killbane - Render

Promotional artwork of Eddie "Killbane" Pryor

Eddie "Killbane" Pryor is a high ranking member of the Organization , and a member of the Inner Circle.

Canon BioEdit

Killbane is a masked wrestler who leads a powerful "street" gang called the Luchadores .

A mountain of man, and a tank that delivers pain. Eddie used to be one of the most famous underground wrestlers in America until he killed an opponent, and was banished to Mexico, where his size and power made him an instant hit with the fans. But as he aged, he became unable to perform as he used to o do, and noticed his star begin to decline. Obessessed with immortality and power, he turned to steroids and pain killers to allow his body to keep up with the growing rigors of wrestling. Sometime later he return to America, (specificully Steelport), and joined the Syndicate, becoming it's attack dog, with his Luchadores as his soldiers.

At one point in time, he was the tag-team partner of Angel De La Muerte, and together they ran the Luchadores. But he eventually became jealous of Angel's success and proceeded to publicly unmask and shame him, forcing Angel into hiding.


Simply put, Eddie is out of his damn mind. He likes to be called by his wrestling persona, Killbane, never takes his mask off, and gets enraged whenever somebody calls him Eddie. He paces and thinks aloud. Nearly every time he talks, he acts as if he's cutting a wrestling promo, using language, and analogies that no rational person would ever use. Normally polite (if not eccentric), he is prone to breaking out in a roid rage and destroying whatever caused his irritation.

He also has remained obessessed with his fame and tries to pimp himself out wherever he can - radio spots for local car dealerships, kitchen gimmicks with his name on it - if it is something that will keep his name on the lips of people, he will do it.

Role in UltimaEdit

Not long after Killbane was recruited into the Org, he was made a member of the Inner Circle, because of his immense strength, brutality, and Killbane has since learned from his mistakes since the Saints takeover of Steelport, and has been preparing strategies for revenge.

Killbane is a brutal opponenant, and is more then willingly enough to snap people's heads off.

He's managed to rebuild his reputation amongst the grunts and lesser members of the Org.

Plus he's been using specialized steroids that keeps him strong without any health issues.

Killbane has made a small alliance with Medusa, Blackbeard, and Doviculous, who act as his partners in the field.

Killbane acts as the commander for the Luchadores, Deckers, and Morningstar. He also has the authority to command a fleet of airships, and a few battalions of grunts.

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