Tcokm (5)

Keswick is best described as the T.U.F.F. (Turbo Undercover Fighting Force) scientist who creates gadgets for the agents working for T.U.F.F. Keswick is also T.U.F.F.'s very nervous resident genius.

Keswick is a very smart scientist who has made some major contributions to T.U.F.F. with some of his inventions. However, many of his inventions have also caused some harm to the team in the past as well (some even spit out acid!). He seems to have strained relations with his parents. Contrary to popular culture, he seems to get along well with his in-laws. He also seems to have a strange sense of humor after he makes some sort of joke that no one really seems to get. He also stutters commonly.

Ultima roleEdit

Keswick still work at T.U.F.F but also part time at the Geniuses for innovation idea or some of his method, he also part of science team that developing the protective shield cloth and other various weaponize wardrobe, although, his designing sometime confusing to his human lab-partner.

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