830px-Kang's Elite Guard

Kang's Guard

Kang's Personal army, and the current main army for the Conquerer's Armada (since Peri & Entree commandeer the original main army for the CA. Both forces would have worked together).

Unlike the main robotic army, this army is built using designs from Kang and his allies. Kang dumped a lot of weapon and armor types from his original armoury for newer designs, to fit his current conquest, which is on a much grander scale compared to that of a mere planet.

The Kangian Guard isn't the most numerous army, compared to the Org and Peri & Entree's robots. But each soldier is well trained and armed to the teeth with high-tech weaponry. The Guard also boasts a fleet of advance combat vehicles, and aerospace craft.



Assault Trooper


Combat Engineer






Adder FAV

Praetorian Assault Tank

Spartan Heavy Tank

Raptor Land-Air Mech

Aerospace FleetEdit

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