Juniper is the guardian of her hometown, Orchid Bay City, where all mystical and mythological inhabitant were hidden from human's eye to avoid conflict and panic, her world was conquered and been captured until few early Society member freed most of them, since then, she became Society member of scouting mission, searching for sign of life and rescue some of survivor and refugee.

Canon bioEdit

Juniper "June" Lee is a tomboyishly beautiful 11 year old Chinese-American girl lives in Orchid Bay City, and is the current Te Xuan Ze. Juniper is relatively uneducated in the world of magic, mostly relying on brute force, a real talent for insults, and the advice of her grandmother, Ah-Mah, and her enchanted dog, Monroe, to defeat her foes. She has long black hair, and after she inherits the powers of the Te Xuan Ze, a lock of hair on the left side changes to pure white from root to end (Juniper's grandmother Jasmine, the former Te Xuan Ze, has the same stripe in her hair) and Juniper later dyes this reddish-pink. The juniper flower symbolizes protection, referring to Juniper's role as the Te Xuan Ze, protecting others. She wishes to go to astronaut camp, but cannot because she can't leave Orchid Bay City while she is the Te Xuan Ze.

Appearence in UltimaEdit

Juniper appear on the first arc of Crossing Universes, unknown when she would come back, some hints she's hot on trail on her scout mission.

even she's out of her hometown's restriction shield, she still retain her magical ability even she travel through multiverse and quite happy that now she's freed to go around the place and world, no longer restraint by a very unfair strict duty spell as the Te Xuan Ze but though, she still responsible to her mystical duty fully

Juniper then appeared again in another ultima story created by the author's fan where she went on a retrieval mission with the other Society members to save their other lost member groups somewhere in another dimension plane

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