Jasmine is free-spirited, and in many ways resembles the "rebellious princess" archetype. She is headstrong, and longs for the freedom that other girls have. This eventually leads to Jasmine running away, but she gets into trouble as she is initially naive regarding the world outside of the palace. Jasmine can be very willful; she refuses all of the suitors that her father chooses, preferring to wed for love rather than for wealth. Jasmine can also be kind and caring, and is considered to be clever and intelligent. She shows a love for adventure, and often accompanies Aladdin on his journeys.

Jasmine is an extremely beautiful woman with lustrous black hair, large dark eyes, and a distinct hourglass figure. She normally wears her black hair in a ponytail, held together by two blue bands. She normally wears a light blue tube top with loops for her arms, allowing her figure to be shown, and matching pants along with golden shoes. For formal occasions, she has a purple outfit that covers more of her skin and a hair accessory.

Ultima roleEdit


Princess Jasmine in a light version of Scourge outfit

Jasmine appeared in the Crossing along with other ultima stories with her husband, Aladdin and his friends while still protecting Agrabah from any Org's attack.

However, just because Jasmine is getting more experienced in combat, doesn't mean she's completely out of danger yet. In fact, Master Xehanort and his 12 incarnations are planning to kill her and the other 13 Princesses of Heart in the great clash of keyblades in order to recreate the ultimate weapon, the X-blade.

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