Sparrow is a pirate captain of Black pearl , seek and fought for the treasure he usually desire and become an official member of Society, despite he reluctant it

Canon bioEdit

He was an infamous Pirate Captain in the Caribbean, most notably in command of the Black Pearl. The son of Captain Teague, Jack was born onboard a ship caught in the middle of a typhoon. At some point in his career Jack obtained the title of Pirate Lord, his domain being the Caribbean Sea. Over the course of time Jack became the stuff of legend and many tales were told of his exploits, most of these tales however were fabrications concocted by Sparrow to bolster his reputation. Despite his many deceptions though, Jack did embark on a great number of adventures many of these involved the supernatural, and indeed Jack's ultimate ambition was to achieve immortality, and the freedom to sail the seven seas as a pirate for eternity. Along with Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann.

Jack is more often than not seen with his compass, his trusty hat and his pistol. The Black Pearl had been Jack's ship for many years. Under Jack's captaincy, Cutler Beckett hired the ship to transport cargo from Africa. Jack learned the "cargo" was slaves and so he set them free. Furious, Beckett found Jack, and burned and sank his ship. Some time later, Jack made a pact with Davy Jones to raise the ship and captain her for 13 years. Jack named his blackened ship the Black Pearl.

Appearence in UltimaEdit

Jack appeared only on Ultima major story while he first met Nick and even finding chaos emerald to fight solaris.

Jack in one point, doesn't even know Donald and Goofy even they know each other in Kingdom Hearts or maybe he just ignored the big picture or slip up often.

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