Huntsman Season 2

The Huntsman, Season 1 look.

The Huntsman (referred to as the Huntsmaster by his subordinates) is the leader of the Huntsclan and the show's primary recurring villain, as well as the main archenemy of the show's protagonist, Jake Long. The Dragon Council rates him as the #4 threat to the magical community. He is an extremely bitter man with an absolute deep hatred towards all magical creatures, most especially dragons, believing them to be freaks of nature.

Extraordinarily ruthless, the Huntsman is obsessed with killing magical creatures, has no problems with killing any normal humans who get in the Huntsclan's way or even allies with magical creatures (he would consider them "traitors"), and even with disposing of his own subordinates if they fail or betray the Huntsclan (in the episode "The Academy", he threatens a student with death in a stern warning never to betray the Huntsclan, and is also shown forcing failing students to fight an imposing monster known as the "Kraken").

The Huntsman's personality is normally menacing and level-headed, and he is seldom shown losing his temper or displaying strong emotions other than hatred.

The Huntsman has an intimidating stature. His fighting skills are superb; he has impressive agility and acrobatic ability, as well as nearly superhuman strength and durability (in "Breakout", he is shown punching through a brick wall, and in "Homecoming" he is barely phased by being slammed headfirst through a metal elevator door, and even yanks the elevator pulley out with his bare hands in a fit of rage). Nonetheless, in most episodes he leaves most of the physical work to his apprentice Huntsgirl, and limits his role in a fight scene to firing energy blasts with his staff weapon.

In contrast to the Huntsman's generally serious behavior and performance, a running gag of the show is that he is often defeated in a comical way. An example is him being defeated with Jake's flaming flatulence (see "Old School Training"). In one episode, Jake goes back in time and embarrasses the Huntsman in front of his peers.

Though he is supposedly the leader of the Huntsclan, Season 2 makes it appear that he has superiors. He may have been demoted due to his failure and for Huntsgirl's disobedience in "The Hunted".

Ultima roleEdit

Looks huntsman
Huntsman take a new appretince and a princess of fire nation, Azula, to take up the mission that the Org's gave to them while still have vendetta to The magical world and especially the American Drangon Jake Long.

He seems now going abit hi-tech on his hunting gears.

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