the young white duck triplets who are the nephews of Donald Duck and Scrooge Mcduck. The three are very fun and adventurous and love messing with their Uncle Donald. also member of the Society's scouts

Canon bioEdit


Huey is the leader of the group and the bravest of the bunch. Huey is never afraid of a challenge and never backs down. Huey makes sure Dewey plans are in line and makes sure Louie doesn't fall behind. He wears a red shirt. Although ultimately kind he is often seen as a troublemaker in the group


Dewey is the brains of the group. Dewey is very smart and well organized. Dewey loves to think of new ideas and ways to have fun. On occasion he shows he has the talents of an inventor as well. Dewey has shown to have leadership potential as he took control as leader on few occasions.


Louie is the kindest of the group. Being gentle, carefree, laid-back and notices things others miss easily. Louie is not very loud like his brothers. He can sometimes be absent-minded and a little bumbling but shown to be just as clever as his brothers.

Appearence in UltimaEdit


They began their duty as scouts, after they were rescue by the early members of the Society and work their way by helping them, by finding information on the Org's plans or where their captives were hidden. They also changed their outfits into a Kingdom Hearts theme, after some odd adventure with Sora the keyblade-wielder.

Their origin at beginning of Org's attacks will be told in Ultima: Dimensional Empire.

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