Jr Commissioner Vallejo

the Mexican-American junior commissioner of the Safety Patrol and Fillmore's immediate superior. Vallejo has had some rough experiences in the Safety Patrol as an officer, such as losing his friend Malika when she joined the Red Robins, a crooked girl scout troop who stole rival troop's candy but could never get pinned for it, and after she went undercover, eventually went bad and left the force.

Vallejo also had to unintentionally betray his partner and best friend, Frank Bishop, a profiler, after a case went wrong. During a chase Vallejo and his partner Frank were chasing a perpetrator, they ended up in the cafeteria kitchen and they had him cornered. Frank threw a vat of gazpacho on him, which the student was allergic to; his parents were going to sue the school unless Frank was removed from the Safety Patrol. Vallejo had put himself up for Safety Commissioner, and couldn't speak out against Frank's forced retirement for fear that it might jeopardize his chance of becoming Safety Commissioner. Frank was removed from the Safety Patrol and Vallejo became commissioner. Vallejo has problems with drinking too much cocoa, which is a kid-friendly version of problems with excessive coffee.

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