Gunther Magnuson is Kick's best friend, stunt coordiantor, and his wingman. He is overweight (relatively) and has a tendency to worry.

Unlike Kick, Gunther does not willingly perform massive stunts alone, but will if the case requires. He also appears to have attention problems in crucial situations. His worst fear (that we have seen) is to be seperated from Kick. Although Gunther said that his family from Norway wears Dutch clogs, the flag of Norway is hanging in his room, and he wears a Lederhosen (a German National costume) in few episodes. He is also in love with Jackie. His parents, Magnus and Helga run Kick's favourite resturant, Battlesnax.

He is always worried about Kick's stunts. Even though he supports him very much, as his best friend. And has some weird tendencies, like smelling his hands. But, mostly of time is kind and happy. And he likes everyone (except Brad). He normally is a "moron", but when he gets angry he becomes a very good rapper,

Ultima roleEdit

Gunther always got Kick's back, even he's endanger himself, he also possibly a cadet Sentinel and take medical lesson course to help Kick or other Society friends for sustain injury in some battle.

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