five teenage girls who are chosen to be the new Guardians of Kandrakar, protectors of the center of the universe from people and creatures who wish to cause harm to it. For this purpose, power over the five elements have been given to them. The new guardians are Will, Irma, Taranee, Cornelia and Hay Lin, whose initials form the title acronym "W.I.T.C.H."

Will Vandom – Leader of W.I.T.C.H. and the keeper of the Heart of Kandrakar, she moves to Heatherfield after leaving her hometown of Fallen Hills. Her powers include bringing electrical appliances to life, granting them distinct personalities and the ability to speak. Her best friend is Taranee Cook.

Irma Lair – Irma is a bit sassy and unpredictable. Irma seems to be the "Class Clown" of the group, and her best friend is Hay Lin, who shares her sense of humor. Her powers include intuition and manipulating water to do her bidding. Her latest power allows her to see visions in the water.

Taranee Cook– She may be shy and laid-back, but Taranee can be very determined when she sets her mind to a goal. Her powers include controlling fire at her will, producing heat waves, reading minds and being able to communicate with people telepathically.

Cornelia Hale – She seems to be a stereotypical girl of the kind whose interest is seeming worthy of both love and envy. However, her character develops much in other directions as the story goes on. She can manipulate earth, stone, metal, wood and speaks with the Earth, making plants and flowers grow big and tall, can move objects with her mind (psychokinesis), and can sometimes experience prophetic visions from the earth.

Hay Lin – Hay Lin is a little bit cheerful, very creative, and sometimes full of enthusiasm. Her powers include the control over air, the ability to turn invisible, and being able to recall the past by the use of sound. She can touch an object and get a complete history of where it's been and the atmosphere it came from.

Appearence in UltimaEdit

The girls made appearence on one of the Total Drama Ultima story, on some possibility, they would join with the Society's Mystical division which they might meet or join with other girls group, Winx club or even the Ponies of Esqutria, to fight some threat that related to magic.

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