Grievous was a cold and calculating general, a brilliant strategist, and a powerful fighter. He was known as one of the greatest Jedi hunters and a collector of the lightsabers of fallen Jedi, which he used in battle with his foes.

Grievous hunted Jedi for sport, keeping the four lightsabers of his most powerful victims within his cloak as trophies of his superiority. Taught all seven main forms of lightsaber combat by Dooku, he developed a personalized unorthodox fighting form, involving prolonged lightning-fast flurries and power moves designed to overwhelm his enemies. However, his lack of finesse frustrated Dooku. Each of his six-fingered arms could split lengthwise in two, thus giving Grievous the ability to use four limbs, each armed with a lightsaber. Able to spin these arms in a whirling storm of deadly lacerating light that few could withstand, he was also able to spin his torso and his wrists in a 360 degree motion at extremely fast speeds continuously, effectively becoming a lightsaber buzz-saw. In addition to this, Grievous had repulsorlifts built into his legs, allowing his feet to double as hands. This would allow him to wield six lightsabers all at once. His mechanical enhancements gave him an edge in close-quarter combat, enabling him to battle and hold his own against several Jedi simultaneously.

Grievous killed dozens of Jedi, from Padawans to Masters, including Roron Corobb, Adi Gallia, Foul Moudama, Pablo-Jill, and Nahdar Vebb, collecting the lightsabers of those he killed. Aside from the Jedi he personally defeated, Grievous's collection was known to include lightsabers belonging to at least five beings he did not personally kill including K'Kruhk, Sifo-Dyas, and Darth Zannah. Grievous also had a tendency to use unorthodox and underhanded methods in order to win a lightsaber duel; for example, against Nahdar Vebb he used a blaster to kill him while Vebb was defending himself from his lightsabers and against Eeth Koth he used his MagnaGuard to shock the Jedi Master into submission once Koth began to gain the upper hand.

Ultima roleEdit

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