General Victor Sarrano is the Commander of the Central Confederate Unit of Resolution and the main antagonist of Bulletstorm. He was at one time the most powerful man in the glaaxy - and he took to it. During his years of playing "peacekeeper" to the Confederation of Humanity he gained a reputation as a man man, the very presence of one of his Battleliners in a quadrant would quell most planetary skirmishes, better to give up the fight than to see what manner of lethal force Sarrano would use. There are rumors of grand atrocities, entire Transportliners missing, satellite colonies that had unfortunate technical diffucluties leading to the deaths of all onboard. The rumors grew by the year. None could be corroborated as no witnesses were ever left alive.

His most trusted band of mercenaries, known as Dead Echo, was st the top of the rumor list. No one had any idea what any of the members looked like; no one who met them had survived. They were a band of ghosts who made tnire colonial cities vanish. They were the thing parents used to frighten their children into eating their vegetables. Imagine Sarrano's displeasure when Dead Echo learned the truth about their misuse, stole his prized Battleliner, The Spectre, andwent AWOL.

General sarrano

Role in UltimaEdit

Sarrano has been made a member of the Brotherhood of Blood, and commands the Brotherhood's militaristic forces. Including Sarrano's own Heavy Echo.

Heavy EchoEdit

Heavy Echo Shock Trooper - Co-designed by Trishka, the Heavy Echo shock troopers are General Sarrano's elite guard. Fast, trained professionals, the shock troopers are decked out in ballistic-resistant body armor and helmets designed to induce fear in their enemies. They are also equipped with modified PMCs, capable of firing charged shots.

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