General Pluton, the self-proclaimed "God of Death", is the leader of the MilBots which have begun appearing across the infinite realities. 



General Pluton was created by the Conglomerate, another interdimensional faction that shattered some time ago. 

Pluton was created to be the supreme commander of the Conglomerate's robot armies. After the Conglomerate was defeated by another group, protocols were activate, including one that gave many robotic commanders, and their troops free will and personalities.

Left to his own devices, Pluton decided to do what he was built in the first place for, leading armies to conquer limitless worlds. And that's what he's been doing since the Conglomerate's downfall. 

Recent events have lead him into contact with the Organization, and Society's war. Currently he's preparing for a full out war with them. He is aware of the other factions, but suspects a couple of them to fall to Org soon.


Pluton has a humanoid appearance. He's about 8 feet tall, and his body color is a bright silver. His armor has the ability to change shape at will. Pluton's head is nearly featureless, save for a robot-like mouth. The head is a smooth oval-like helmet with fins on the side, and a one metal piece to act as his mouth.


Cold, ruthless, and merciless. Pluton was programmed to live up to his namesake, a god of death. Pluton has a complete disregard for life, and often boasts how organics are inferior to machines. Despite this arrogant view, Pluton doesn't let his pride get in the way of his campaigns. Pluton is a master strategist, and has lead his army to countless victories. 


Role in the StoryEdit

Pluton has nearly limitless troops at his command, but not enough to tackle the amount of worlds he has selected for his "Purge". Pluton needs enough machines to swarm hundreds of worlds with billions of robots at the same time.

There is one such object capable of brining his plans to realization, the Infinity Gauntlet. Pluton has sent armada after armada of MilBots to locate, and acquire the infinity gems. So far progress has been slow, but Pluton has tried other ways of bolstering his forces greatly. One such attempt lead to an invasion of the five Inhuman worlds, which lead to the Inhumans being trapped in another dimension.

But his original plan to acquire the Infinity gems still continues, and it may only be a matter of time till his infinite army acquires them.

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