Fenghuang is an kung fu master owl. She was a member of the original Furious Five alongside Master Shifu, an unnamed Clouded Leopard, an unnamed Rooster, and an unnamed Elephant. Fenghuang became the strongest member of the Furious Five through a lot of training. One day, Fenghuang challenged Grand Master Oogway to a fight where she believed herself to be more powerful than Grand Master Oogway. Grand Master Oogway anticipated this and had an owl-shaped cage built for this occasion. After a long and fierce fight, Fenghuang knew that she could not defeat Grand Master Oogway and fled where she took refuge in the Northern Mountains. Many years later, Po ended up in the Northern Mountains and ended up caught by Fenghuang when Po was falling. When Fenghuang learns that Grand Master Oogway is dead, she flies off to the Jade Palace. Master Shifu and the Furious Five tried to fight her, but she easily defeated them. When Po returns, she convinces him to turn evil and orders him to kill Master Shifu. Po uses a trick knife to fool Fenghuang into thinking that he had actually killed Master Shifu and then placed Fenghuang into the owl-shaped cage. As Fenghuang's cage is being towed away to Chorh-Gom Prison, Fenghuang vows to have her revenge on Po.

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