The fairy godparent consist of the 3 fairy that asist Timmy turner throught his daily life with a lot magic and wishes
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Cosmo Cosma is Timmy Turner's fairy godfather. Along with his wife, Wanda, he was tasked with making miserable Human children happy by granting them wishes and keeping them safe. Unfortunately, due to Cosmo's immense lack of intelligence, he often times puts Timmy in danger with his wishes, or misinterprets the wording of a wish and grants it wrong, wreaking havoc. Despite his low I.Q. and a tenancy to argue with Wanda, he really does love his wife and his godchild.

He is the younger son of the overprotective Mama Cosma, who did not approve of his marrying Wanda Fairywinkle-Cosma in the least bit and has often tried to separate the two. He was once the last Fairy ever born, as his birth caused the ban of fairy babies, until Poof came. He apparently was in a band where he played the electric triangle, though tomatoes were thrown at him every time he played.

Wanda Venus Fairywinkle-Cosma is one of Timmy's fairy godparents, alongside her husband Cosmo, and her son Poof. Unlike her husband, Wanda tends to be more responsible and is reluctant to grant dumb wishes, but is usually obliged to grant them anyway or Cosmo grants them instead.

Bright and compassionate, Wanda loves her current godchild Timmy just like her son, Poof, and husband Cosmo. She is also the most responsible out of the bunch.

Poof Fairywinkle-Cosma is the baby son of Cosmo and Wanda, whose most notable spoken word is "Poof". Generally, Poof was bore by Cosmo instead of Wanda.

Since he is only just a baby and typically can only say his name, "Poof", yet other characters are easily charmed by him. Even Vicky's cold heart was momentarily melted by him. Only Foop seems to be aware that Poof is just repeating his name when they competed against each other for Class President at Spellementary School, and Poof's "speech" consisted of him doing just that, yet he was able to win over his classmates easily. This same incident also occured in "Love Triangle" when Poof was able to out-act Foop for the role of Mr. Cookie in the school play, by once again simply repeating his name.This is also seen in Timmy's secret wish, when he could get timmy a retrial when Foop could not.

Ultima roleEdit

Timmy's Fair Godparents make their appearence with Timmy while helping out the Ultima Sword wielder.

Their story from pre-Society will be told when they along with Timmy, when they witness their world under attack by the Org's army, along with villains Timmy has faced before.

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