The Fabrication Machine Looking

B.R.A.I.N. (Binary Reactive Artificially Intelligent Neurocircuit) is the machine that built all the machines in the film "9" and the main antagonist of the movie. It killed 2, 8, 5, 6, and 1 but was destroyed by 9. Now the scientist of Organization trying to rebuilt the machine to even stronger and command every order they said, if they can.

Canon bioEdit

The Fabrication Machine was created by the Scientist by order of the Chancellor a while before the Scientist created the 9. The Scientist did not initally realize that his creation would turn out evil and/or be used for purposes that would turn it that way or give it the knowledge of such. When he did he tried to oppose it being used but failed to convince the Chancellor not to use it. The Chancellor had it given an outer casing which gave it prehensile limbs and attatched it to the Factory so that it could be mobile whilst working on the weapons it had been made to create, yet not leave the Factory. Eventually, the Fabrication machine cracked under the pressure and set its corrupted mind to work on weaponry that would overthrow the human race. It was deactivated soon after this, but its creations went on to destroy the humans in the immediate area. It is unknown if there are any humans living in far off places that may have escaped this attack.

The Fabrication Machine was thought to have no emotion and did not feel any remorse. It was also thought that it did not care nor have compassion for any living thing, though it seemed to show something akin to concern when the Scientist was taken away, and immediately grew aggressive.

The Fabrication Machine Before Being Taken

early stage of the monster

Appearence in UltimaEdit

In the Halloween special, The Fabrication Machine was accidentally activated when Dr. Animo switch on the talisman and it suck his soul into the device. After repeating the same process on Dr. Eggman, it went on a rampage throughout the Org's castle, creating an army of deadly machines, and even turning some of the Org's own robots and mechs against their former masters. It proved to be more powerful and intelligent than anticipated, as it was able to even defeat Maleficient herself. Fortunately (for the Org) it was defeated by Azula and a clone of Kevin 11. The machine was hidden away by the Org's scientists, labeld to be extremely dangerous, and only worked on with extreme caution. It's not known if it's going to appear anytime soon, but there are hints that the machine will appear in an assault on the Society.

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