Dudley puppy

Dudley is an anthromorphic dog whom is an finest agent of TUFF and became Society's most valuable tracking scout who is also possibly one of mentor on the Sentinel Academy.

Dudley's got the heart of a pack of full-grown dogs. He has no fear and has no pants. Reared on his mother's strict morals, he was born to stop all badness and meanness in its tracks! Now if only he could figure out how to follow that last rule. Though chasing bones may excite him more than chasing bad guys, Dudley gives all he's got to keeping the streets of Petropolis crime-free. But that doesn't mean things always go smoothly. Dudley's a loose cannon and has a way of messing things up before he fixes them. That's why the Chief paired him up with his "purr-fect" partner, Kitty Katswell. Together, they're bringing D.O.O.M. down, one thug at a time

Ultima roleEdit

Despite he has yet to appear in Ultima, Dudley is a Sentinel, and is part of the Scouts for tracking enemy targets or refugees. He may even serve as one of the mentors in the Academy, although his teaching methods is a bit unorthodox.

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