Discord is a character in My Little Pony Friendship is Magic.

Role in UltimaEdit

"Where is the fun in making sense?"

Many, many Org members were shocked to see Discord become a member of the Inner Circle. The majority of the Grunt Army on the other hand, weren't.

And with good reason. Originally, Discord reformed from the darkness in the original timeline due to Fluttershy's well-played machinations. So that left him useless to the Organization's plans....or did it. Lodo and the Grunts, not wanting to let Discord turn to the Society's side so easily, had Young Xehanort pluck Discord from an earlier place in the time stream back when he was evil and then making sure he remained evil within the ranks of the Org, thereby erasing "Keep Calm and Flutter On" from the time stream completely. However, certain traces of his current good portrayal in the series do remain in that he is a lot more civil towards his enemies in battle and he can be a nice guy...when he's not brutally tearing apart their sanity in insane glee.

Lodo also helped Discord reunite with his old militia, The Children of Discord, from his twisted homeworld of Blopside.

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