Invader Zim Dib 2

Dib is a young paranormal investigator and Zim's worst enemy. Dib spends his days studying the supernatural and trying to thwart Zim in his schemes to take over the world. Dib is generally hated by his classmates because they see his efforts to help them as annoying and crazy. His classmates also tend to bully him a lot, but Dib is determined to save them anyway.

Dib is extremely sensitive about the size of his head and usually overreacts when people point out its largeness. He has a talkative nature and finds that he talks to himself frequently. Despite his loud, annoying nature, Dib is actually a very misunderstood genius and visionary and he knows it.

there would've been a possibility that Dib and his sister Gaz are not even natural humans, and are instead male and female clones of their father Professor Membrane.

Dib's last name isn't the same as Professor Membrane's, and there is a possibility he doesn't have one, or he has forgotten it,

Ultima roleEdit

Dib has joined the Society's space division to study and engage any threat that maybe extra-terrestrial in origin or a space-type villain from a space-genre dimension that may be working for the Org, or possible other factions. During his time with the society, he has befriended Atomic Betty and gotten revenge on his classmates, who somehow found their way to the Safehouse.

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