Danielle "Dani" Phantom is an imperfect clone of Danny Phantom, created by Vlad as a stepping stone to the perfect Danny clone. Dani is also called Danny's cousin. Only one step behind him, Danielle is slowly dissolving, but retains free will. She first works with Vlad until Danny convinces Danielle that she is nothing but a tool to Vlad. With that knowledge intact, she sides with Danny. She shares many of the same traits and interests as Danny, who serves as something of an older brother to her. In another episode, Danny and Valerie come to help her when she was captured by Vlad. She becomes stabilized by an invention Danny uses and after saying goodbye to them, flies off to parts unknown.

Ultima roleEdit

Dani became one of the Fenton's extended family after Danny's Parent simply agree to adopt her.

She also one of Society female group member which make her a valuable asset striking attacker, she also been guarded by Jazz Fenton ,to keep her grounded and self control her power abit.

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