Daisy HouseOfMouse
Daisy Duck is the beautiful girlfriend of Donald Duck and best friend of Minnie Mouse. Like Donald she is capable of going into rages when upset and possibly more dangerous than Donald. Despite this she manages to keep her temper down a lot better. In early appearances Daisy was shown to be a loving girlfriend always there for Donald but have the tendency to nag and change Donald's way but always for the better. She had faith in her boyfriend knowing that she is so important to him he will strive to change but usually fail in the end.

In later years Daisy became more than just a temperamental female version of Donald, but a fun-loving and laid back diva. She often annoys her friends being that she loves to talk and never wants to be alone. She is fun to be around but at times can overstay her welcome. Even so that Donald would occasionally find her to be a nuisance. She loves the spotlight and can be very competitive but always looking for the best way to apologize knowing her right and wrongs and acts mature when she needs to.

Ultima roleEdit

Ultima mage suit daisy duck by frame10-d4l11tg

not just a diva duck

Daisy is under training to became a mage to help the other battling magic-theme Dog Star Villians, she also joined on a Restiance female group with each different ability to prove her point and give some rope to other Restiance

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