The beaver brother were a cadet in Sentinel Academy and yet member of the Scout unit.

Canon bioEdit

two young beaver brothers who have left their home to become bachelors in the forest near Wayouttatown, Oregon.

Daggett Doofus Beaver: Daggett (usually nicknamed as "Dag" and "Daggy") is the younger twin brother of Norbert (by four minutes). Hyperactive and immature, Daggett has a habit of over-emphasized and manic motions as well as a potent penchant for name-calling. He shares with his brother a typical brotherly love-hate relationship, supporting and antagonizing his elder sibling as his mood requires. While he is occasionally capable of intellectual competence, he is generally overshadowed by his brother when faced with challenges that require mental capacity.

Norbert Foster Beaver: Norbert (usually nicknamed as "Norb" and "Norby") is Daggett's laid-back older twin brother. Generally well-spoken and quite intelligent, Norbert is a highly sarcastic beaver with a habit of performing great feats of impeccable engineering with aplomb and without explanation. While he is frequently manipulative of his younger brother and just as often condescending he shows great concern and love for Daggett, constantly soliciting and imposing hugs on the less receptive sibling.

Ultima roleEdit

Despite still in training, the Beaver proofed themselve to able to withstand and show some teamworks when their school were attacked by Grunts led by Berry.

Ultima b a r beaver assault robots by frame10-d4iz1ta

get ready to be spoot

Dagget also show some skill of cycling stunt when he's drove the experimental bike on the academy to defends and crash some of Grunts even also can transformed into battle mode, dubbed by Norb, the B.A.R, Beavers Assault Robotics

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