Daffy Duck has been a regular cast of the mainstream heroes of Looney Tunes but he is not really a hero, he is more accurately termed as an anti-hero and at times can even become a protagonist villain.

By no means malicious or threatening, the troublesome Daffy can be credited with some rather cruel and unusual incidents throughout his career and has antagonized several notable heroes, such as Bugs Bunny and Speedy Gonzales.

It should still be remembered that, while Daffy may have been a villain at some point, he is now fully redeemed and his heroic career unquestionably outweighs his infrequent villainous antics. In Duck Dodgers, for example, he is always the hero. An idiot hero, but still certainly not an anti-hero.

Ultima roleEdit

Daffy still intact his egoistic personality, but sooner, been slimmer down after experience trial with other Society especially constant bickering with his duck rival, Donald and Moral advise from his girlfriends, Tina Russo.

Despite, he still has a long term grudge with Bugs because of his instant popularity, and became somehow an internal frenemy.

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