Chuck is a member of the Society's Special unit. Weither he accidentally exile himself from his own world by unknown mission or event, Chuck work for the special unit and as consulation even whiz tech-gadgetry, is under the command of Batman and Madagascar Penguins while trying find a way to get back his own world. he still has an few but minor intersect download in his brain to keep his spy skill and martial art ability intact somehow, it also he's been trained by Batman himself and few mentor from Sentinel Academy to further his combat training

Appearence in UltimaEdit


chuck in ultima version

Despite having not been in any major storylines there are some hints (in artwork by artist Frame10) that Chuck will be going on a quest to find his friends and family. And some of it, will involve a misadventure, dragging a few yet-to-be trained Society members with him as well as his friend Morgan. There are more hints that Chuck might even met up with an Ultima weapon wielder.

Chuck start appearing on one of the Ultima story called Ultima: Classified .where he exodus himself for his hidden agenda while also desperate to find his family back again.

Battle chuck

battle chuck

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