Chip 'n' Dale are a pair of chipmunks who are very popular Disney characters. Although the duo have similar looks and rarely appear separately, they each have distinct personalities and a few distinguishing physical features.

Chip can be identified by his small, black nose and two adjacent front teeth, whereas Dale has a larger nose which is alternately brown or red, and a gap between his two front teeth. Chip is also usually the more logical and cunning of the two, and Dale the more dimwitted, but he can be smart at times.

Chip and Dale as they start a detective agency with new friends Gadget Hackwrench, Monterey Jack and Zipper. They also get new enemies, most notably Fat Cat and Professor Norton Nimnul.

Chip served as the unspoken leader of the group, while Dale tended to provide comedy relief, though Dale has been the hero at times. Both chipmunks possess a crush on Gadget, and they become rivals for her affection. A running gag in the show has Chip be constantly interrupted when he attempts to tell Gadget his feelings for her. The two have even been love interests themselves.

Ultima roleEdit

the duo take their scout duty as a spy and infiltrator due to their size and able to get an important informant that would the Society out run the Orgs.

they also working the special unit when they needed their skill for intense mission support.

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