There once was an organization called the Conglomerate, which is more or less, an alternate version of the Organization, but with fewer cartoon/anime/comic book villains. Just like the Org, The Conglomerate was set about conquering as much dimensions as they pleased. The Conglomerate was defeated, but they're far from gone. The group had splintered intos several factions after the disappearance of it's leaders, the Chairman, and the Board of Directors.

The Conglomerate's most notable feature was that it's main army was a highly advance army of robots. Many models of robots were developed, and most of them had their own sets of variants, all of them to cover a different niche and theatre in war. Robots designed for specific environments were developed as well. They didn't just rely on robots, organic forces, such as human soldiers, and genetic monsters, also made up it's legions as well. 

When the Conglomerate split apart, many of the splinter factions took large sums of robots for soldiers. Some robots on the other hand were given free will and personalities. The Chairman placed many "protocols" in case of certain events, such as the Conglomerate's defeat. One of them was to make the majority of the robots self aware. This lead to the creation of both the Blitzticons, and the MilBots.

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