Catdog by stitch 666

CatDog, a conjoined twin hybrid of a cat and dog with two heads (one at either end of its single body) and no tail or hind legs. Because of their strange condition, CatDog are seen as outcasts in the city of Nearburg and are often harassed by their neighbor, Winslow, a devious blue mouse, and the Greaser Dogs, a gang of tough dogs. However, this is not so uncommon, as everyone else in their family are conjoined hybrids as well.

Ultima RoleEdit

CatDog is currently training at the Sentinel Academy. He, along with several other cadets, did managed to hold their ground during the robotic siege led by Berry.

During one of Dog's episodes, CatDog found a strange object in the wasteland. It looked like something you can fold over your right arm. While Cat was tinkering with it, Dog saw something shiny and ran towards it. It happen to be a scouting Org Dropship, and Dog ran aboard, and it took them back to the Org's castle.

CatDog tried to find a way back to the safehouse, stealthy, but thanks to Dog, that didn't happen. The joined pair were surrounded by Grunts, robots, aliens, and supervillains from different comics. What happened next... suprisisingly they kicked butt and blew apart a whole ton of Grunts and several Org members, with their extremely sheer luck and guts, and chew bubblegum at the same time... seriously. That device appearantly was some sort of weapon container, and it had a lot of guns in it. CatDog blasted their way through the Grunts and any Org Members that got in their way. They reached the Di-Dock, stole a Dropship, and flew back to the Safehouse. Since that incident, CatDog has trained to become a true Hero. And a real bad@ss.

CatDog's arsenel consits of all the weapons from Duke Nukem Forever, Serious Sam 2, Bulletstorm, Resistance 3, Gears of War 3, and Unreal Tournament III.

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