LG Mutiny

Captain Zahab Mutiny

Captain Mutiny is a space pirate and self-purported ruler of The Lost Galaxy. Mutiny first appeared toward the end of Lost Galaxy's run as the leader of a villainous crew of pirates operating out of a fortress on the back of a massive, space-faring reptile dubbed the Titanisaur.


The crew of the Terra Venture first encountered Mutiny and his cohorts after being transported into the Lost Galaxy. In the beginning, Mutiny pretended to be sympathetic to their plight, and even offered to help them get back home. However, it soon became apparent that he was anything but philanthropic in his intentions, but rather, he intended to loot the space station and enslave its population. His plan was foiled by Mike Corbett and the other Galaxy Rangers.

When Deviot joined Captain Mutiny's crew, Mutiny was a bit reluctant, fearing that if Trakeena found out, she would "toss him overboard". This shows that Mutiny knows of Trakeena and is afraid of her as well. When Mutiny pursued the Terra Venture crew back into the normal galaxy, Trakeena attacked and destroyed his castle, taking Mutiny and his crew down with it.

Role in UltimaEdit

In Ultima, Dark Specter, Xandred, and Octomus requested to their common ally, Padro Lodo, that he journey to the Underworld, retrieve Captain Mutiny's soul, and resurrect the alien pirate captain back to his full glory. Trakeena was naturally furious that the space pirate she killed off was now back in the flesh, and wanted to destroy him again, but the Demon Trio ordered Trakeena to stand down and let Mutiny live. They reasoned that Mutiny could prove useful to the Organization's plans because of the massive Swabbie army he commanded as well as his natural skills as a pirate captain. Besides, his counterpart in the Sentai Universe was also the Big Bad in his series and had enough power to rival that of her own father, Scorpius. Reluctantly, Trakeena agreed to let Captain Mutiny live.

Currently, Captain Mutiny is a member of the New United Alliance of Evill, having combined both the crews of the Scorpion Stinger and Titanisaur Castle into a new army, wielding both insect-like Stingwingers and pirate Swabbies as his main army and the generals of both space ships now serving him. And now, with the added addition of his daughter from the Sentai Universe, Steerwoman Shelinda, into his crew, Mutiny is going to feel a lot more proud of how far he's accomplished in the series...that is, unless Trakeena has something to say about it.

Captain Mutiny is good friends with Captain Hook, Davy Jones, and Blackbeard (Disney), as all of them are nefarious pirate captains with large armies under their command.

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