Boss Wolf was Shen's second-in-command. He leads an army of wolves working for Shen, and possesses only one eye. He is the first to spot Po, as well as the one to inform Shen that there is still a panda who is alive. He is seen engaging Po in combat several times, though their fighting in Gongmen City can be interpreted as comic relief. For example, both Po and the Wolf Boss get hit by the wooden signs while moving forward. He can also be seen in the flashback. In it, he loses his eye to Po's father when hit with a hammer, and is seen chasing Po's mother down in the forest. He is shown to be rather savage as he attempts to kill Po, despite him being an innocent baby at the time. It is presumed Wolf Boss may have been the one who killed Po's Mother, if not then Shen.

The symbol on his sleeve—the symbol of Lord Shen distracts Po during their fighting and triggers both Po's memories of his past and his desire to find out who he is. However, they also allow Boss Wolf an advantage, and while Po is distracted he often runs away or knocks the panda down. Unlike Shen, Boss Wolf is never shown to be completely evil. Despite being a wolf, he seems to be almost puppy-like at times—talking too much, making Lord Shen angry with his comments, and whimpering when his toe is stomped. Also, despite his enmity and conflicts with Po, Boss Wolf does acknowledge Po to be a true kung fu warrior, stating to Shen that Po fought 'like a demon' during their battles in the Valley and Gongmen City. Also, Boss Wolf obviously cares for his pack a lot, sharing a code of honor towards them. During the final battle when Lord Shen orders him to fire the Weapon at Po, Boss Wolf refuses, stating that it would be too risky as there are so many wolves near the fighting panda and the other kung fu warriors. Lord Shen, refusing to take any concern of receiving any loss of his own wolf army, still orders him to do it, which then finally causes the Wolf Boss to rebel against Shen (saying "No!"). Outraged, Shen stabs the Wolf Boss for his disobedience and fires the Weapon himself. Wolf Boss's refusal to kill several of his troops shows that while he is still a ruthless warrior, he is nowhere near as evil as Shen. His ultimate fate is unknown, but he is presumed to be dead, having been stabbed by Shen for disobeying his orders.

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