• AdolescentAuthor

    Dear Editors & Admin,

    From my understanding, it's been at least couple of years that the wiki hasn't had a logo.

    It'll be a good mood booster for our work once it's done.

    I'm holding on to a couple of frame10's logos, and this one works the best.

    Only admins can make the adjustment, so I'm leaving the instructions here.

    Talk soon yeah? :V

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  • MaleficentRules93

    The Story Saga of Ultima: Dark Revelations is an epic quartet of dark fantasy stories that all centre on Maleficent, her destiny as the absolute and omnipotent ruler of all evil, and the forces of evil. It focuses on Maleficent's past, present and her destined future in her grand quest for absolute power and total domination of the Omniverse.

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  • AdolescentAuthor

    While editing The Chaos Emeralds page,  the section containing the Rise of Solaris extract was very different from the actual one on Much longer, but more dramatic too. I'm keeping it here while I swap it with the actual story's extract.

    Rise of Solaris 

    • Eggman's Hologram: As I was trying to say before, you might as well give up now. We've already won.
    • Robin: Not yet you haven't!
    • Patrick: Yeah! ....Uh, what hasn't he won yet?
    • Eggman's Hologram: The point is, you might as well face facts. As adamant as you may be, all worlds will still belong to the Organization. All you've done is prolonged the inevitable! Ahahahahahaha-oh, I nearly almost forgot. While you were busy trying to defeat the guards outside, I merely took the opportu…
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  • GrandMike

    Opening sequence

    June 7, 2013 by GrandMike

    If we were ever able to create an opening sequence it would go like this

    Or something like that

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  • GrandMike

    These are the stories

    And before I post them these are two oc's I thought up

    Sailor Moon:Kamen Man Kamen Man Real Name: Mike Sloan Occupation:Junior high Student/Super Hero Age(at start):14 though it never really goes into detail after that Height: A few inches shorter than Darian, A few inches taller than Darien as Kamen man Country:USA(Though his mother is japanese) Family: Julius(father), Noriko(mother), Nick(Older brother), Drew(Younger brother, but is taller than Mike) Jake(younger brother), Suzi(little sister) Likes:Comics/manga, Monster movies, fast food, his friends Melvin and Chad, Serena, martial arts, kicking negaverse ass, The DBZ crew…

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  • GrandMike

    Boy I like this

    June 5, 2013 by GrandMike

    So with this story and this wiki we Wrtie ANYTHING we want? Boss

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  • TemhotaTech the 3rd


    June 29, 2012 by TemhotaTech the 3rd

    Attention all editors of this wiki.

    Me, and a friend of mine have noticed that many pages, mostly those of the main characters, have many grammar mistakes, infact their whole description might just be one big grammar mistake.

    So, that's why, I would like the editors of this wiki to correct any grammar mistake they see. I have contributed by rewriting many articles on this site.

    Most people do make grammar mistakes once in a while, so please take time to check over what you written before posting it.

    However major ones will not be tolerated. Continueing to write articles with bad grammar will result in banishment. Meaning your not allow to post anything on this wiki. Any edits from a "banished" editor will be immediatly deleted.

    If anyone wishes…

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