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Berry is a character from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. She was a secondary antagonist that only appeared in two episodes.

Berry is a 5 year female imaginary friend with a split personality. One being the cutest, sweetest girl in the world, the other being a insane, sadistic, lustful psyco.The second she comes to Foster's, she falls deeply in love with Bloo. Though Bloo did not feel the same way being unable to rember her name and in some cases her existance. This however did not deter her, she instead stalked him and shower him with extremely imperssive gifts. However when she discovered Mac, her more crazy side came out feeling that no one can have bloo but her. She now procceds to try and get rid of Mac, at first by removing him when he and Bloo were together and makeing vage sadistic threats when he is alone. But she eventually went to extremes such as trying to murder him by running him over with a train!

Role in UltimaEdit


Berry's new look is suppose to look similar to this.

In the Society Sentinels Academy, Berry led an attack on the Sentinel's Academy with an army of Assault Shooters, dressed up as Grunts, and armed with grunt weaponry. She and her robotic army were defeated by the Sentinel recruits.

After her defeat, Padro Lodo took Berry to his lab to "improve" her. Transforming her into a completely different creature. She still retains her psychotic personality, except she's even crazier then before. And has become a complete Yandere towards Bloo.

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