Alejandro Burromuerto was a contestant on Total Drama World Tour, and consider the overall main antagonist.

Recently he's been recruited into the Org as the leader of the Brotherhood of Blood .

Ultima BioEdit

When he was recruited his body was rebuilt with advance cybernetics and biotech, and he was then given training for "special" missions. He was given a field test of trying to catch at least five numericals. Although he failed (like everyone else who tries to capture them) he showed much more competence and skill then other villians, and came even close to succeding compared to other villians.

Since then, he's been made the leader of the Brotherood of Blood, and given full access to Org weaponry.

However, an alternate universe version of Alejandro from a slightly different version of the Total Drama world was captured by the Mad Doctor. His heart removed, and his will was strengthen in order for his body remain in human form. And finally, his heart was implanted with a heart shard from the Shadow Blot which made him even eviler than before. This altered a.u. counterpart of Alejandro is currently a member of the Circle of the Blot. It is very likely that since the alternate Alejandro got implanted with a Shadow Blot heart shard when he was split into a Heartless and Nobody, he, like the rest of the alternate universe TDI teens, will eventually turn into a monstrous Blotling clone of the Shadow Blot.

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