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Admiral DeGill is the commanding officer of the Galactic Guardians and Betty's immediate superior, assigning her to her missions. He resembles an orange goldfish with a crew cut of white hair and a muscular physique. He's often seen holding and using a Corncob pipe (which blows bubbles). DeGill radiates professionalism and takes his role as a commander very seriously, but has nevertheless managed to strike a balance between his duties and his recreational pursuits.

DeGill is one of the founding members of the Galactic Guardians, and in later episodes is always accompanied by three escorts, known collectively as the Rockettes. In most episodes, he is often seen doing activities with them while issuing Betty her orders. Following the destruction of Galactic Guardian Headquarters, he decides to construct a new headquarters underneath Moose Jaw, which was opposed only by Betty; one apparent reason was his desire to visit various landmarks on Earth (Niagara Falls among them), as well as the fact that his favourite beverage, espresso, is in plentiful supply on Earth.

Though there are few glances into DeGill's personal life, he has a brother named Tex DeGill, who is a sheriff in a western styled water planet and a niece, Lilly Rose who is also in law enforcement; as well as a teenaged son named Bill. The villainess Pontifidora was once his fiancée and her vendetta against DeGill is mainly due to how their relationship ended (he turned her in to the authorities before running off with a showgirl from the planet Vega). Ironically, Pontifidora ended up being the mother of DeGill's only child, Bill.

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