Aang is the Avatar that bend 4 element using martial art technique

Canon bioEdit

Aang is depicted in the series as a vegetarian, as shown in "The King of Omashu" and "The Headband" when he refuses to eat meat since the Air Nomads taught him that all life is sacred. Aang states a reluctance to fight in "The Spirit World (Winter Solstice, Part 1)"; Aang negotiates with a spirit who is destroying a village instead of fighting. Due to his non-violent nature, he is also depicted as showing ethical reluctance in killing Firelord Ozai,and eventually strips Ozai of his bending instead of killing him. In the show, Aang has a complex network of friends extending over all four nations.

Aang reveals in "The Storm" that he wishes he had been there to help his people a century ago, but would rather live a child's carefree life. Multiple times in the show, Aang demonstrates how much he cares for those close to him and also demonstrates his fun-loving nature. He also showed that he can act immaturely, and once tried to deceive others in order to keep the group together. In "Bato of the Water Tribe", Aang thinks Katara and Sokka might leave to visit their father. Aang hides the map showing their father's whereabouts and lies about having it in the first place.

In some episodes, he demonstrates flight abilities with airbending. One technique for this is to make a whirling sphere of air and ride on it, which Aang calls the Air Scooter. Other methods of flying include his glider, and Appa. In the Avatar State, Aang can also fly inside a sphere of air.

Appearence in UltimaEdit

Aang has been fighting the Organization and their minions for some time, while also looking for his friends and family. Aang was welcomed into the Society, especially for his bravery and spirituality. He was also given some new cloths. Aang also adventure with Nick while he was still adjusting to the Ultima sword. He also helped searched for the Chaos Emerald with help from his friends.

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